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Sunday 19 July 2015

In Car Phone Holder

When Andy bought Joe, his Land Rover Defender 90, it came with a 3D printed phone holder on the dashboard.

That holder was designed for something like an old iPhone 4 perhaps even a 3. His HTC One phone did not fit.

I took some measurements and came up with my own design that fitted in the same size hole in the dash.  Andy had some specific requirements and knowing where the phone displayed things on the screen, he pointed out some critical sizes to make the phone usable in the holder.

On my first attempt I made a mistake with the width so it would not fit. This was not a bad thing because based on seeing that first prototype I was able to incorporate some better ideas.

I thinned down all the uprights, reduced the thickness of the top ledge and adjusted some of the angles so they print without supports. The most significant design change was that I made the charger plug hole in to a wedge shape to grip the charging lead. A separate cover goes round the connector and fits in to the wedge.

The small two part wedge holder for the charging lead can be redesigned and adjusted to whatever shape connector needs to fit it. The body of the phone holder remains unchanged.

The second print fitted the phone perfectly.


Blend file
STL file for the phone holder
STL file for the USB connector
Licence attribution


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