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Sunday 22 March 2015

Up and Running

I've added a little bit each evening and finished enough this weekend for the Scalextric track to be usable.

I also added a simple background before connecting up the track. It's ready to drive and ready to add scenery.

The background is just to give the illusion of sky.  Without the scenery it just looks blue but I have high hopes that it will make the scenery look better, once I add some.

I glued poster paper on to hardboard screens to form the sky.

I have read a lot of concern about electrical connections when Scalextric track is taken apart or even just over time. There have been lots of possible solutions suggested online. Many are too time consuming so I've been on the look out for a relatively simple low cost solution.

My method is to crimp any joint I take apart and add a tiny bit of electrical joint grease. There are lots of expensive products but I managed to find something that sounded like it would do the job and at a low cost.

I can't tell if it works but I connected up the track and it ran on both lanes first time. I did have one corner lane changer not switching but I cleaned up the jack plug connector with some spray contact cleaner and that sorted out that.

The overhanging corner that double back on itself needs to be taken quite slowly otherwise the cars fall off.  It's a big drop so I've put some temporary barriers round there and a couple of other places to save the cars.

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