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Saturday 28 March 2015

Filling Time

As I have stopped to wait for the glue and filler to dry I have some time to show some photos of the progress on the track.

I have been working on one end of the layout. I started here because it needs a barrier to stop the cars falling on the floor.

This end is not the most interesting scenery. It is intended to be a concrete supported road, a bit like a bridge section. I decided on this to explain why it overhangs the edge and to make it different to other parts of the track which will mainly be Armco barriers.

Even though it is a concrete wall it still needs some details to make it look realistic. At the first attempt the end of the barrier was too high. It just looked a bit overpowering to me.

I have softened it by stepping it down at the end and finishing it off with some support buttresses.

I finished off by filling all the gaps and using the filler to add texture in a few places.

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