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Sunday 1 March 2015

Two Nose Drinker

We did some more digging yesterday.

This was to run a water pipe to feed a new drinker in the yard.

When we fitted the original field drinkers we did not expect the horses to spend so much time in the yard.

For the last few years Shelley has filled buckets in the yard.  We decided recently to fit a permanent drinker.

Tom and Henry like drinking together so I bought a drinker large enough to let them both drink at the same time.

The gravel and concrete in the drive was exhausting to dig through. I broke through about an 8 foot length of what was probably hardcore from an old path that used to run along past the stables. Shelley did the rest of the digging while I modified the fence to support the drinker and plumb it in.

We did get it all done in the one day.

The moment the drinker filled with water the horses started to use it together.

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