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Sunday 1 February 2015

Hill Climb Road Works

This Scalextric track may be an obsession.

The previous version of the circuit had a slight flaw. Where the initial hill climb was on a curve it caused a cross axle situation and slow moving cars would stop or pause when the braid lifted off the conductors.

I've made a small adjustment to the layout to have the slope changes only on straight sections and made the initial hill climb cover a longer distance so the rise is shallower.

Did I mention obsession. I've also bought the Advanced Powerbase. This was partly because I was struggling to come up with a position for the Digital lap counter which was far enough away from a corner to register properly and partly because I discovered you could run Ghost cars.

Having the Advanced Powerbase made the track design easier because there was only one section to fit in the start straight. I used a telephone RJ11 extension lead to put the display in an easier to read position.

I've added a few last details and I think the track is now finished. Everything works as it should and I can have some fun driving it... if the cats let me!

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