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Sunday 15 February 2015

Car Display Case

The little plastic cases that slot cars come in are nice and do look good on a shelf but they are a bit fiddly to open every time you want to drive a car.

I looked round for shelves suitable to store the cars in an easy to get at way.  There are plenty to choose from, some are expensive, some are not to my taste but none quite fitted what I wanted and where I had available to put it.

As usual I made my own.

I had plenty of MDF off-cuts from making the track and so that is what I made the shelves from. The construction was easy but I had a few problems with paint.  I have used MDF for years but I have never painted it before.  I thought I would just be able to spray it with car paint.  I now know this is not a good idea.

After the first layer of top coat went on and dried very watery and blotchy looking, I did some research.  Too late to go back I had to sand down and I used water based house paint which was my best hope for recovery.  It worked but took a lot of layers to cover.

The end result is OK but I would use a specialised MDF sealer first, if I was doing it again.

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