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Sunday 25 September 2022

Speedometer setup cable

To change the settings and calibrate the Daytona speedo that is on Dean's motorcycle, there are two buttons on the underside of the unit. Alternatively, an extension cable can be fitted. As calibrating the speedo required pressing a button while traveling along, it needs at least one of the buttons on the handlebar.

The buttons just connect a lead to ground, so I soldered up a couple of push buttons I had handy. My intention was to simply tape them to the handlebars. They were only going to be used the once.

I got carried away. I quickly designed and 3D printed a clamp to hold them on the bars.

If it was going to be a permanent fixture I would probably have designed it to look a little different but for our purposes, it did a good job.

I deliberately removed one of the button caps, so there was no doubt about which button to press to set the calibrated speed. Having first set the speed to miles instead of kilometres, Dean rode the bike and followed me driving the car at 40mph to set the speed as per the instructions. It did what we expected and the speedo now reads roughly the right speed.


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