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Thursday 8 September 2022

Oil filler cap

The oil filler cap on Dean's motorcycle leaked, so I put the lathe to good use again.

We wanted to retain the original stylish top.

As I don't have a milling machine, I put an end mill in the drill press chuck and used that to form the cut-outs for the cap to fit over.

The spring clip was ground down from one taken from a budget filler cap bought off of eBay. It was secured with two M3 screws.

I have not glued on the cap yet. We're going to check it does not leak before I make it permanent.

It looks good and fits in perfectly.


Update: 14 Sept 2022

It's been test ridden and no leaks, so I've now glued and pinned the top in place.

I've also used a better fitting rubber washer, 36mm ID 3mm thick.


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