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Sunday 17 April 2022

Another bike build finished

I enjoyed building the last mountain bike, so at the slightest excuse, I've built another one.

The process was the same as before, with some minor additions, such as foam tube to quieten the hoses inside the frame and some strengthening heat shrink on the shift cable.


I bought a neglected 2017 Giant Trance off of eBay. It was so poorly maintained, the only bits I've re-used is the frame and the two bolts that hold the rear brake calliper on! I only wanted the frame and price reflected its state.

Stripped off all the parts, sanded, masked up, painted and put back together with new bearings.

Reassembled with a new SRAM crankset and cassette, new Shimano XT derailleur, new Shimano brakes, and a used, but good condition, Rockshox Pike fork. Raceface Turbine 35mm rise bars and some very nice Corki grips from Amazon.

New Hope Fortus 26 wheels and I added some new decals to the forks.

I chose to use the same colour paint as on Shelley's Land Rover. Atlantic Green, as used on the Heritage Land Rover Defenders that came out in about 1999.

It's a very nice colour for a Land Rover and a bike.

Shelley is very pleased with how the bike rides. The older models are good but somehow these newer Giant Trance's inspire confidence.


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