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Friday 7 January 2022

Fender is back

When Shelley's previous Defender, Fender, was written off, its remains were bought by the owner of the garage we use.

Much to our surprise he rebuilt it much quicker than we expected and we asked for first refusal if he was ever to sell it. He did and we bought it back at the end of November.

Mark at Gratech 4x4 has done an excellent job getting Fender back on the road.

Since then I've been personalising it and putting back the electrics needed now that it is a van again.

Running the wires for the tail door central locking.

I've re-enabled the central locking and added the solenoid and linkage to the tail door.

As the tail door was from a TDCi Puma, rather than the older 300TDi, I've had to change the connectors and some wiring to suit.

I've replaced all the old switches with those from newer Land Rovers, mainly the type from a late TD5 or TDCi. I've had to swap over several connectors, mainly for the switches. I chose to try to keep as close to the newer model wiring, so I've put new connectors on the old 300TDi wires to match the TDCi door wiring.

I've 3D printed bits for the dash to fit the newer switches.

Plus there are some more jobs on-going.


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