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Thursday 11 February 2021

Mac Illustrator keyboard shortcuts now working

 It has been many years since I last had to support a Mac so what I am about to say may not be very well informed.

I needed to setup a Wacom Intuos 5 graphics tablet on a Mac Pro desktop to use with Illustrator.

Downloading and installing the drivers for the older Wacom tablet were not difficult. It is still supported by the latest driver set.

During the install the driver installation requires some Security and Privacy settings to be enabled for the Wacom drivers.

The note says something like, enable the options for all of the Wacom apps.

That is incorrect or at least misleading.

If the Wacom Desktop Centre is allowed to intercept the keyboard, Adobe Illustrator shortcuts do not work.

The problem did not show up until trying to use some shortcuts, like 'Layer forward and back' 'Cmd [ and ]' It was luck that I remembered the various settings and suspected that one of them might have been the cause.

From the Mac Settings (Gear) icon, go to 'Security and Privacy' and then 'Keyboard'. Make sure there is NO tick next to Wacom Control Centre.

I unlock changes by selecting the Lock icon and entering a password.

For the various Wacom products, there should only be a tick next to the Wacom Tablet Driver in Input Monitoring and a tick next to the com.wacom.IOManager in Accessibility. 

Once the changes have been make I locked the preferences again.

Correcting that, fixed the keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator.


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