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Wednesday 12 February 2020

Bike wheel workstand

I wanted something that could support my bike wheels while I work on them.
I looked at budget truing stands but most of them were too small for 29" wheels or not what I was looking for and still more costly than I thought they should be.
Some of the more expensive truing stands would have done the job but they are over kill for the few times I am going to need a wheel supported off of a bike.

I screwed a few bits together to make what I needed.

Steel angles and some timber with removable aluminium drop in cups. It's setup to fit up to 148mm wide axles but I could fit spacers, for even wider wheel's, if that was ever necessary.

I've used a 5mm threaded rod and some spacers to make an adjustable axle.

I've used cones which will seat and centre inside 12mm, 15mm and probably 20mm axles. I was going to 3D print the cones but I came across exactly what I needed, in aluminium, on ebay. I can just reverse the cones when working on wheels intended for QR skewers.

The stand is designed to fit in the vice on my workbench.


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