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Saturday 22 February 2020

Bike rack for a Discovery

I can fit three bikes and three people inside our Discovery 4. I would like to have the option to fit 4 people and 4 bikes. That would need two of the bikes on the outside.

I was not happy with any of the bike racks I could find for a Discovery. The tow ball mounted type were probably the best but I'd like something that is more secured to the car. I also don't have a tow ball on this car.

I decided I could make something that hung from a roof rack.

I used the fittings from a budget strap on rack.

The end result is very secure, which is one of the goals but the bikes overhang the sides more than I would like. Especially my bike because it is so large.

It's not easy to come up with a simple solution to re-position them because the geometry of my bike is so different to that of Shelley's.

I've offered up the bikes a few ways and decided that straight out the back is the simplest. They'll stick out a little bit further than I originally intended but this arrangement will not obscure the lights in any way.

I work on this another weekend, see my newer post.


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