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Saturday 7 September 2019

Tubeless bicycle puncture repairs

If there is any advert for using tubeless tyres, it is how easy they are to repair a puncture.

Firstly, I would thoroughly recommend using the goop they put in them to seal small punctures automatically.

Shelley has Stan's No Tubes Tire Sealant in hers. On our ride today we heard a loud hissing and could see the white sealant spraying out. All it took was to rotate the tyre so that gravity brought the sealant down to the hole and the hissing stopped.

  • Each tyre needs between about 90ml to 120ml (3oz to 4oz) of Stan's Tire Sealant. That's one and half to two of the small, 2oz (59ml), bottles. I just put two bottles in each tyre and spin the wheel a few times.
  • I've successfully used it to repair a puncture in an inner tube. That only needed one bottle. The tube was still in the tyre on the bike. Quick and easy, get you going fix.

We didn't even have to add any more air. Shelley rode the, nearly, 10 miles home without any ill effects of the puncture.

Since then, I've tried to add some more air and the extra pressure has burst the seal where the puncture is.

That was easily fixed with some tyre repair strips.

It was very easy to use the tool to insert the tiny 'anchovy' style strip in to the hole. About two thirds in and one third out. That can then be cut down, leaving about 3mm protruding.

The puncture was sealed immediately and I was able to pump it up to a much higher pressure than needed.

I thoroughly recommend carrying this type of repair kit. The Genuine Innovations kit, I have, uses butyl rubber rope strips. Sometimes called 'anchovies', sometimes called 'strips of bacon'. That are sticky and inserted in to the tyre as they are without messing about with anything else. There is a refill kit available.


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