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Monday 22 April 2019

Budget fitness tracker

For over a year I have had a Fitbit. Shelley bought us each one to make sure we stay healthy in to our old age. The Fitbit would no longer sync with my phone.

As a replacement, I have recently bought a low budget, £32, fitness tracker from Amazon and it works better than I was expecting.

Last year, when the Android operating system was updated, my Fitbit stopped synchronising to my phone. This was annoying but, after having reported it, I expected the well known brand to fix their app fairly quickly.

Here are just a few examples of the failure:

6 months or so later, they still answer the queries with "It's not on our compatibility list".
Most people do not check a compatibility lists before buying a device that works with Android and most people expect the well known brands to be on the case to fix faults.

I am very disappointed with Fitbit.

The new one I have bought is branded more-Fit but there were a dozen identical models with different brand names. I picked more-Fit over others because they were on Amazon with answers to customers questions.

The model I have bought is excellent. It was easy to set-up. I just downloaded the VeryFitPro app on my phone, after finding the device it prompted to bind the fitness tracker, I then entered a minimum of personal details, job done.

The fitness tracker I now have does not count as many steps as my Fitbit used to but there is no way to know, which is correct. The software display is not quite as clear but everything I need is there. The fact I can get anything on my phone is the important bit and better still it reliably syncs.

I don't know why but I am, yet again, surprised by how poor some big brands are at looking after their customers and how good some of the very low price, usually Chinese, products are.


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