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Tuesday 2 April 2019

2020 T-slot GX16 enclosure

I have a small CNC engraving machine which I am going to use as part of the proof of concept for my project to convert a Shapecut oxy gas cutter to CNC.

I am deliberately using a more powerful CNC control box than is necessary for such a small engraving machine. As a way to keep the larger cables tidy I have made a small enclosure to mount on to the 2020 T-slot aluminium extrusions. The enclosure fits three GX16 aviation style connectors, which are used for the X, Y and Z axes, and a GX20-4 connector, used for the spindle of the CNC machine.
Initially I made a box that fitted only the three GX16 connectors which I then expanded to fit the GX20.

The 4 pin GX16 sockets are sized for use with NEMA23 stepper motors and are suitable for up to 5 Amps. They are far larger than needed for the tiny engraving machine that I am currently connecting them to.

I've selected a GX20-4 pin connector for the spindle, not because it needs 4 pins but because the individual pins are only rated at 10 Amp each. I can double up the pins to allow for the 20 Amps that might be necessary on a larger router spindle.

The enclosure can be bolted to a aluminium extrusion using either M4 or M5 drop in T-slot nuts. Typically the M4 size fits the 2020 profile extrusion.

The bolts hold the lid closed as well as holding the box to the rail. There is a small tongue and groove detail along the top edge to ensure that side of the lid stays in place.

I 3D printed them, on their backs, without any supports.


Shapecut Series:
Part 1 - Magic Eye to CNC
Part 2 - CNC proof of concept design
Part 3 - CNC controller enclosure


STEP, Fusion 360 and STL files (Zip)
Licence attribution - small business exception


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