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Sunday 28 October 2018

Fender clock replacement

The hands on the clock in Shelley's Defender had become out of sync. On the hour the short had was not pointing directly to the number when the longer hand was.

This made it a bit confusing at any time to tell what hour it was. Looking on eBay for a replacement I saw this on many of the clocks for sale.

I'm guessing a good clock is hard to come by because most of the dashes for sale, either had a dodgy looking clock or no clock at all! A new matching Land Rover clock is nearly £300!

There are several makes of compatible 52mm diameter clocks at a fraction of the price.

I opted for one by VDO.

Cosmetically it's not an exact match but it is complimentary.

The wires need some minor adjustment. Two female spade connectors would have done but, luckily, I had the exact 'T' connector housing to fit.


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