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Tuesday 9 October 2018

D4 LED interior lamps

As I have done, fairly recently, with our other cars I have replaced all the interior lamps in the Discovery 4 with LEDs.

They are all T10 (W5W) lamps. The 2011 XS model needs 14 of them including all the door puddle lights and the drivers foot-well.

I deliberately bought some small LED lamps that are almost the exact size of the normal T10 filament lamp however I also bought some over size ones that I liked the look of.

There is plenty of space in all the lamp holders so there was no need to worry, the over size lamps had room to spare in all of the lamp holders.

I deliberately bought slightly more expensive lamps that had built in circuits to avoid any CAN-BUS problems and which allowed the lamps to be fitted either way round.

Early LED lamps and most of the existing budget ones, will only work when fitted the right way round in the socket. The newer breed of LED lamp has a circuit which avoids all the swapping out because the lamps work either way round..


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