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Thursday 9 August 2018

Spiral surface using Fusion 360

I wanted to create a model of a throatless guillotine to use when laying out the plans for my workshop.

A throatless guillotine has a curving ramp like surface. I did not expect to be able to create this quickly and for my purpose I did not need much detail however, I did a quick search and some experimenting and I was able to fairly easily create the exact shape to match the tool using Fusion 360.

To do this, I first created a coil with a square section and one revolution.

I created a rectangular sketch on the plane of the end face and used the sweep tool to follow the outer edge of the coil. I experimented with settings and found the one I needed is a guide edge, to keep the surfaces horizontal.

That's it, job done. I'm very impressed with Fusion 360 at the moment.

I have more work to do to turn that in to the finish model but the bit I thought would be very time consuming, was done in a few minutes.


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