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Monday 4 September 2017

Stihl 36V dust cover

Following on from the dust cover for my Makita 18V tools I've create a comparable cover for our 36V Stihl tools. As the heading implies it helps prevent the ingress of dust and dirt when the tool is stored with the battery removed.

This is not as compact as I was originally intending. That is due to the size of the battery bay and the the clip arrangements used to hold it in.

I tried a shallow version with lugs to attempt to hold against the upper edge of the battery bay but not all of the tools have an inner face in the same place. The only guaranteed fixing was the original battery latch.

This design has an open structure tower to minimise the plastic used in the print. The latch is deliberately fairly loose compared to that used to hold the heavy battery in place.

Failed Print

The first few prints kept failing so I had to make some minor modifications to make it more stable while it is printing.

The end result fits well.


Stihl 36v Dust Cover STL file
Licence attribution - small business exception


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