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Friday 22 September 2017

Esse Ironheart glass

The glass cracked in the door to the firebox on our Esse Ironheart range.

When I went to order the spare parts I noticed that the fixings for the glass were a completely different design to those in our door. Although I could not find any documentation about the change, as they were relatively low cost, I decided it was worth ordering the newer parts.

It was obvious where the new metalwork fitted. However, the stove rope supplied was a double bead with self adhesive on the back, completely different to the previous design. The existing looked like a strip of paper with a bead on one side to go in the groove on the door.

I watched a generic video on the Esse web site but I could not find any specific details of how to fit the supplied version of rope. I've therefore used my best guess.

A wire brush in a drill made quick work of cleaning up the door before fitting the new self adhesive rope.

It was as easy as stick one continuous length round the inner edge of the door and individual lengths along the removable metal strips. I deliberately overlapped beyond the ends on some of the sides.

The end result looks tidy and appears to seal nicely.


Update: 8 Oct 2017
We've now had enough cold days and evenings to have tested this out several times. There is no sign of any smoke escaping.


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