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Saturday 22 April 2017

Lucas 10AS connectors

The Lucas 10AS unit is used for a few functions in various Land Rovers. It was the standard immobiliser and alarm for many years in Land Rovers and Range Rovers c.1995 on.

A similar 2 button key fob (plip) was used for the Lucas 5AS, 10AS and the 27VT used in the Freelander 1 but not all the internals were the same. Some do not have the workings to activate the passive immobiliser coil required for Defenders and Discoveries but not the Freelander (from what I've read).

They all seam to be called 17TN key fobs but some are also called 3TXD, which is on the circuit board. If you are buying one, it probably needs to say that it will work with a Defender, to be sure it has the components required for the passive immobiliser.

The 10AS was used to control the interior lights so they fade out. In some models it controls the central door locking.

I plan to add central door locking and I would like to use the original style remote controls.

OBD connector

Lucas 10AS with connectors

The first step in achieving that is to rig up a test setup for which I needed some connectors.

These are a standard component, still in use. They are from the TE Multilock range and use the 040 and 070 terminal sizes. All of the Multilock bits together came to less than £10 from RS Components. I bought the OBD socket from e-bay for about £2.

Larger terminal

Smaller terminal

The RS Components and the manufacturers part numbers can be seen in the photos.
The manufacturers parts numbers are:
173851-4 Green connector housing
174516-6 Grey connector housing
173631-1 070 crimp terminal (for the green and outer pins of the grey sockets)
173716-1 040 crimp terminal (for the centre pins of the grey socket)

The last digit following the dash for the plugs, indicates the colour; -6 = grey and -4 = green.

The idea is to rig up a test loom so I can check the function of the door locks without dismantling the dash and crawling round inside the car until it is all working.


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