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Sunday 30 April 2017

Bolt cap

This is a cap used for finger tightening bolts. The bolt is glued in and the cover fitted to hide the bolt top.

3D modelled by myself and 3D printed. The edges have been raised in places to provide grip.

The model included in the download is for an M6 bolt but it could easily be resized to fit any.

I used a 16mm and a 6mm punch to create rubber washers from an old bicycle tyre inner tube.

They are destined for the light protecting grills on the front of a Land Rover Defender.

Original M5 bolt (top) next to the replacement M6 bolt (bottom)

The nuts in the bodywork had pulled through and had to be replaced with a larger size. Therefore the original M5 bolts no longer fitted.

The new M6 versions look very similar to the originals.


Bolt Cap Blend file
Bolt Cap STL file
Licence attribution


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