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Tuesday 21 March 2017

Remove headlining - Part 2

This continues on from my earlier notes about removing the rear quarter panel interior trim. I'm removing the headlining to get to the leak somewhere in the roof.

I wasn't sure how to remove the B pillar trim so I started the day with that job.

I've got a couple of sets of trim removal tools that come in very handy.

To get to the clips that hold the trim on it is necessary to pull off a short section of the door seal on either side.

The clips go round the metal lip and can be easily pried off with a small screwdriver or better still the back of a blade.

The only other clip is at the top and is just pulled straight off.
The panel can remain attached to the seat belt.

It's worth taking a look at how the top seat belt bracket adjuster works. Very simple post pushed down by a plastic arm. It has to be aligned when putting it back but the round hole fits over the bolt to make it fairly easy.

The A Pillars pull off fairly easily. Each just has 3 clips.

The speaker connector took a little more time because I had to remove the foam covering before I could work out how the connector lock worked. It's just a dot of plastic in a hole, so once I knew where it was I could use a pen knife to lift the plastic and hook out the connector in one move. The one on the other side of the car was easy.

Just three machine screws for each sun visor.

A screw in each sun visor hook back then pull it out of the square hole. It took a bit of wiggling.

The upper plastic trim that spans the front windscreen is held up with 5 obvious screws either side. It will then drop under its own weight.

The connectors can be removed from their switches. The only connector that could be plugged in to the wrong place was already labelled on mine so I didn't have to worry about where they plugged back in. Plus I have all these photos.

The edge trim round the sun roofs are easy to pull off. Note they are pushed on to the metal of the sun roof cassette.

It took me a while to gain access to the screw in the middle of the headlining. I had to remove the centre light to get my fingers above to push the switch out. The screw is immediately above that switch.

I unclipped the alarm sensor and pushed that through the hole it came from.

Getting towards the end now. Remove all the grab handles.

Unclip the lens from the rear interior light and remove the two nuts that support it and the headlining.

Lastly remove the two trim clips from above the rear load space door.

The headlining is now free to drop. It does not weigh very much so is easy to move about.

It is necessary to lower the rear seats and remove the load space cover but with those out of the way there is plenty of space to get the headlining out across the diagonal of the rear load space door.

That's it. The cavernous space is bare topped.

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