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Sunday 8 January 2017

Window winders

Today's Land Rover job was replacing both front window regulators in Junior, our Discovery 2. The windows were dropping at an angle and struggling to lower properly.

I've replaced window regulators before, many years ago on Fords. The job has not changed much, if any. I did watch a good video specific to the Discovery 2.

Worth watching, it has some good tips to make the job easier. One tip is that lifting the weather strip before removing the door panel makes it easier to refit the panel afterwards.

On mine I found an 8mm socket someone else had left behind the plastic cover.

One of the screw mountings was broken so I glued it back together. I fixed the end on with superglue then attached a washer with lots of Araldite, just to be sure it would hold.

The roll of scrap paper shown in the photos is to make it easier to drill out the hole after the glue has set.

If you cut the plastic in the middle of a metal panel or right at the edge and not across the holes, it is much easier to tape back up afterwards. You can press the duct tape down firmly against the panel.

Once the plastic sheet on the doors were peeled back I could see the problems. The passenger side was just worn but the drivers side was properly broken.

All back together and both working properly.

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