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Tuesday 17 January 2017

Fitting a cubby box... my way

Today was another long day working on the Defender.

Perhaps fitting a cubby box should not take all day but I like to do things neatly. I also like to allow for maintenance in the future.

The fitting instructions that came with the cubby box were very simplistic and did not make any allowance for wanting to removing the box from time to time for maintenance of the electrics that are under it or access to the end of the gearbox from above.

My solution was to make two brackets to bridge across the hatch and attach those using the bolt holes that were left after removing the centre seat.

With the centre hatch removed I could put 8mm bolts through the floor and put the lock nuts on the underside while still working from inside the car.

The brackets are 40mm high. This is just enough to slide the hatch plate in and out.

The EGR control unit was originally attached to the underside of the centre seat. I chose to attach it to the metal plate with a simple strap that was in turn held in place by the screws that hold the hatch down. I left the rest of the electrics loose. The loom is stiff enough that the light weight components on the ends are not going to drift anywhere and they could be fished out if needed.

I did have some abortive attempts at bolting the box to the brackets I'd made but in the end the only way to attach the box in a way that could easily be removed was to use captive screw spire clips and some 5x30mm screws. Luckily some spire clips I had in my shed exactly lined up with the holes.

It was a bit fiddly measuring and drilling the holes in the right place in the bottom of the cubby box but with some enlarged holes in the metal brackets for a bit of leeway it went together.

To finish it off I cut some carpet to go under the box and extend out of all four sides. I included a long tongue of carpet to go up the back of the cab. The carpet I used is intended for car boots and cost next to nothing for a large roll.

It was easy to cut and fitted perfectly tucked under the seat rails either side and looped back on itself to finish the front.

The box screwed over the carpet and another job done.

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