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Sunday 3 July 2016

Spray Booth

Following on from my previous post, about upgrading my work bench, I have continued to tidy up the sheds and my workshop to make space for a permanent spray booth.

I always seam to have something to spray, it could be a model, a sign or a quick coat of black to cover a repair.  It is usually more convenient to use a rattle can rather than my air brush or even my spray gun.

It takes longer to setup and pack up than I ever spend with the spraying.

Hopefully that will change.  The idea is that the booth will be clean and ready to go.

The design has evolved. I always intended that it would be constructed out of leftovers I already had in the shed. That helps with my current tidying up and making space trend.

Here are some of the designs in the order I thought of them.

Compressor boxed in under the booth

Added a shelf to store paints and bits
By this point I had built the cupboard for the compressor with the shelf under a longer worktop. 

The balance of the worktop will make space for a belt and disc sander I expect to get for my birthday in a few weeks' time :-)
Angled sides and a flip up lid with compartments
Showing the construction based on the materials I have available
How I could add an extractor fan if I need one

The end result does not have an extraction fan. Partly for simplicity, partly because the workshop is already well ventilated but mainly because the area is always full of sawdust and I don't want to draw that towards the paint work!

When sitting in front of the bench to decide the exact placement and final sizes, I replaced my fixed partition plan with a hinged wall and made the whole booth narrower to leave more space at the end of the bench. The hinged partition covers the water filter regulator and the various air tubes and allows for a larger spraying area.

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