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Saturday 9 July 2016

Chunky garden table

Yesterday the timber arrived for our garden table. English oak. Apparently this will last the longest outside.

I got started in the afternoon and the basic structure of the table was complete by a little after 8 in the evening.

Just off the lorry
I'm glad I ordered it all cross cut to size. That has saved a lot of time and effort. I ordered the timber from Brooks Bros.  Their branch near Grantham specialises in the hardwoods I needed. The staff were very helpful with the choice.

An old door and wedges as a clamp

Stainless steel is required for use with green oak. The natural chemicals within the oak rot normal steel quickly and tarnish the timber. I used A4 marine grade stainless steel M8 coach screws and washers. Most of the screws are 120mm long, with the heads sunk using a 25mm cutter and then pre-drilled with a 6mm hole. I have some SDS auger bits for wood which are needed to get through the oak.

Legs :-)
Did I mention, it's very heavy

Keith and Shelley, still a long way to go

Keith and Vanessa came round and they got co-opted in to moving the table to the patio! When we first tried to lift it we all gave up instantly, it was so heavy even with four of us. With some planning, some levers, some boards and a hell of a lot huffing and puffing, we manged to move it 6 inches at a time until we got it there. We guess it took an hour to move.

Vanessa with some well earned wine

It got used for the drinks that evening.

This morning I've covered the top in linseed oil and when that is dry it will get a light sanding.

Chunks of rubbed nailed on for the feet

This afternoon I made the first stool and tomorrow I will continue with these.

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