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Monday 5 October 2015

Started the D2 Again

The lack of updates might imply that I have stopped working on my slot car Discovery (D2) model however that's not the case, it's just that I started again.

I have now reached a point beyond where I had got to before.

The paint on the first attempt got so thick that the details in the 3D print had been eroded. Things like the indented line running from front to back was hardly visible.

Chipped paint most obvious by the filler cover

Rough paint on the roof

I attempted to carve out some of the details but I ended up chipping off the paint. Sanding down and re-painting ended up with an uneven surface where the paint was too thick and probably not fully cured between coats!

I decided it was best to change the 3D model so the details were deliberately over pronounced to allow for the paint and sanding process. I printed that version and started the paintwork again!

After a few weeks, thinner paint levels and more sanding between each layer, I got to a point where I think I cannot risk any more paint and so the surface is as good as I am going to get!

I've added the roof bars after the paint so it was easier to sand down the roof and get a better all over result. The roof bars are also inserted in holes which is much stronger than the previous method.

Although the car is black with black trim, I still think it is important to paint the trim in a slightly different shade of black.  The plastic on the real vehicle is also a silk colour rather than gloss.

That's it for now.

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