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Sunday 11 October 2015

Detailing the D2

More progress on the model of my Land Rover Discovery 2.

I've painted in the light reflectors

Added a layer of matt clear coat where appropriate.

After removing the masking tape there were a few spots that needed touching up. In my opinion, the effort to paint some of the trim a different texture of black was worth it. You can just about see the difference round the windows in the above photo.

To finish off some of the lights I've used something I have not tried before. It is supposed to dry clear like a lens.  I'm still waiting on this to dry properly to see the results.

I have got the hang of using my vacuum forming setup. The plastic sheet needs to heat about 60mm above the 1500 Watt hob. I have to be quick because once it starts to droop there is only a few seconds, if that, to move it over to the mould. Too long on the heat and I get webbing too short a time and it does not form.

The other important thing is to use an A4 sheet of the 0.5mm PETG plastic.  The A5 size is too small and does not form round the whole mould.

As you can see from the photo, using the larger sheet, the right temperature and vacuum cleaner on in advance, the PETG pulls tightly round the former. It even sucks back in under the windows.

It's so tight it was difficult to remove but there is just enough flex in the plastic to prize it off.

Lots of work in progress and components partially complete at the moment.

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