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Wednesday 3 June 2015

3D Modelling using Blender

In preparation for getting a 3D printer I have started working on a 3D model of my own car.

I have worked on 3D models for my computer games and use the free open source programme Blender. I have lots of posts about using that on one of my other blogs.

I only use Blender every now and then, so I forget how to use it. To help speed up getting started each time I am creating a quick reference guide to remind me of the main features I use.

The guide will be a continuing work-in-progress.

Even though some of the posts using Blender will relate to 3D printing, I decided to keep all my general Blender posts in the same place, so anything about Blender will be added to my development blog.


Download from the main article on my other blog

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