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Tuesday 7 April 2015


This Easter weekend has been more productive than expected.

Everything came together at the right times. Glue or paint was drying while we were with friends and family.

I am pleased with the concrete effect, which is good because I have a long run of it at the back of the lower rear straight.

The basic process is; primer to seal the MDF and cardboard then grey paint followed by a dirty wash as mentioned in my previous post.

As you can see from the photo, grey paint without the weathering effect does not look right.

With the dirty wash and a bit of detailing it turns the grey paint in to concrete.

I've done a bit of reading of other blogs and picked up some techniques for making it all look realistic. One of the best tips was to think about the season and the direction of the sun.

I have chosen to have the sun coming from the attic room window which just so happens to face South. The season will be summer so I can use various greens although deliberately vague about when in summer.

For the detailing I've used Woodland Scenics fine turf sprinkled along all the margins. Where the terrain is in shadow I am using browns and as it gets in to the sun it becomes progressively greener.

I offered up the completed sections and took a couple of photos.

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