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Saturday 20 September 2014

LRO Show Peterborough

What a day.

We headed for the off-road course first.  I joked that if we damaged anything we could then buy any spares we needed at the show.

The course was excellent fun as we expected for something Vince Cobley had organised.

We managed to slash a tyre.  One of the marshals flagged us down.  As it turned out we were not far from the end of the first trip round.

The tyre had a 5cm vertical gash and was completely flat.

The marshals were incredibly helpful.  They changed the wheel for the spare for us and found a working bottle jack because mine had a leak!  Back up and running for the next time round.

Many thanks to all the marshals who were excellent.

I thought the idea of getting a replacement tyre at the show was a good one but as it happened we did not see a tyre fitter there!

We did not spend much time looking at the arena events but spent most of the time doing the shops.

We treated the Disco to a new Torque Performance rear bumper.

Poor guys at the stand.  I visited 3 times before I made my mind up then had trouble getting enough cash together because the cash machine was out of order!  Got there in the end courtesy of some cash back at the sweet shop.

Came home with completely empty pockets.

A few jobs to do after the off-roading, including drying out one of the head lamps.

A fantastic day.


MCB 4x4 for custom roof racks
Armson Automotive Engineers for chassis rust treatment

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