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Saturday 13 September 2014

In-Car Fire Extinguisher

The Association of Land Rover clubs (ALRC) uses similar rules to the Motor Sports Association (MSA) in the UK regarding fire extinguishers.  The requirement is for quite a large size fire extinguisher for competitive events.  The sort of event I am likely to do with our Discovery is only going to be for Road Taxed vehicles and the fire extinguisher is only a recommendation according to the ALRC rules but better safe than sorry.

The requirements are for larger than a 1.75 litre capacity foam (AFFF) fire extinguisher. The nearest larger size I could find was 2 litre.

That is quite a big bottle to fit securely inside the car where it can be reached.  I was able to make a bracket to fit it, at a slight slant, under the rear of the drivers seat after having removed the ancient CD changer.  I used the bolts previously used for that CD changer to attach the bracket to.

The fire extinguisher is released by a catch and to avoid it snagging on the wire springs of the seat base, I fitted a plastic sheet simply held in place by cable ties.

This all works well and the fire extinguisher is out of sight most of the time.

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