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Friday 16 November 2012

Sky+HD 2TB IR Receiver Location

I have just setup my new Sky+HD 2TB box that I picked up from the post office today.

The instructions that came with it explained everything I needed for the normal Sky setup and that has worked well. 

I have the box in a cupboard and use a remote sender to get the IR signals inside.  I did some searches on the Internet but did not find a conclusive anser to where to position the IR emitters on the outside of the Sky box.

I shone a bright torch close to the front of the box and was able to make out what looks like the IR sensor behind the shiny part of the plastic front panel.  That is where I positioned my IR emitters and they work perfectly.

Sorry about the state of my IR emitters in the above photo.  I use a bit of insulation tape to hold them in place and the adhesive leaves a bit of a mess.

As you can see from the photo I've positioned the emitters about half way between the centre LED ring of the box and right hand edge of the row of manual buttons towards the left of the facia.  I would like to say that this is the definitive answer to where they should go but I can't. 

I did some experimentation and with the kit I use I could position the emitters nearly anywhere nearby and they worked.  My old Sky+HD 300MB box was very fussy but the Sky+HD 2TB box must have a very sensitive or very well positioned receiver.

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