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Sunday 5 July 2020

Maintaining pedals

I had a clonk from one of my pedals every revolution so I took them apart to give them a clean.

The pedals are DMR V8 v2.1 and are easy enough to take apart. The difficulty comes when putting them back together.

They use an 11mm nut which is locked against a 9mm nut. It is necessary to tighten the 11mm on to the nylon bush, then add the 9mm and back off the 11mm against the 9mm to lock the two together. That needs a special tool to fit in the recess at the end of the pedal.

I fitted the pedals back together with the nuts locked as best I could. After a ride the right pedal had worked a little loose and the left pedal had tightened to the point where the pedal barely rotated. I needed a better method to lock the nuts.

DMR V8 v2.1 specialist tool

I tried to buy the specialist tool that DMR supply but everywhere was out of stock. I decided to make my own.

Mine does the same job but is a completely different design to the DMR supplied tool.

I used an 11mm extra long socket that was small enough to fit the pedal and a 9mm extra long socket.

I ground both to shape so that the 9mm could fit on the nut at the same time the 11mm was on it's nut.

It's worked well. Easy enough to back off the 11mm on to the 9mm and keep the tension, about right, on the bushings.
So far the pedals have been working well.



Pete said...

Well done. It looks like it would work better than the "proper" tool which relies on trying to wedge a small screwdriver in.

John C Brown said...

Thank you. It's not perfect but it did work well.