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Sunday 16 September 2018

A-S-Fit Standard tripod camera mount

“Cameras can be quickly mounted on any tripod”

Most tripods and other camera supports now use some form of quick release mounting system. There are a few common versions available, mainly proprietary systems. Each manufacturer having their own system that is not compatible with other vendors’ equipment.

Over the last few decades many photographers have migrated to using a tripod head mounting plate that conforms roughly to a design produced under the brand Arca-Swiss. This gives some level of inter-operability between tripods from different suppliers.

It is commonly acknowledged that the Arca-Swiss brand has produced exquisitely engineered tripod heads that photographers have aspired to. That has led, over the years, to a number of similar designs being produced at a lower price point referred to as Arca-Swiss style or inspired by.

The ‘inspired by’ versions do not conform to any standard and have evolved to a loose format of their own. Unfortunately, with no formal document to work to, the various manufacturers products are not always as compatible as consumers would like.

In an attempt to overcome the differences between the various products I have attempted to produce a standard based on a small selection of the Arca-Swiss style products that are on the market. The hope is that future products based on this standard would be able to inter-operate with each other. Any plate will fit any other receiver.

This is not an attempt to make those products compatible with the Arca-Swiss branded products.

The proposed standard can be downloaded from here with associated drawings and models.

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