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Sunday 20 May 2018

Charging connector

Due to the short hops between jobs, that Shelley does in her Defender, it risks flattening the battery.

I thought about adding a bigger battery or dual batteries but all that does is delay the problem. The simplest solution is to monitor the battery and charge up before it becomes a problem.

I have ordered a dash mounted battery voltage monitor but that has not arrived yet. The job this weekend was to fit a charging socket to avoid having to take the passenger seat out to get to the battery each time it needs a charge.

This one is specific to the Ctek brand of battery chargers but as I like their chargers that is not a problem. It comes with a three colour indicator for a quick, peace of mind, check.

It was fairly easy to cut a hole in the battery box through to the passenger foot well, file the aluminium to size and push in the connector housing.

With a bit of bending the two eyelets fit the bolts on the battery terminals.

Now an overnight top up is as simple as plug in the charger.

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