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Saturday 7 October 2017

A gardener's 90

Shelley needed a way to carry her tools more easily in the back of Fender. At least I thought she needed some extra points to tie things in the back.

I've used some galvanised angle iron, sprayed black, to make a frame.

All the holes give lots of places to attach bungees.

The bit Shelley specifically wanted was a way to quickly store her spade, fork and edger. Tools she takes every time but were previously a fiddle to store securely in the back.

I'd thought long and hard for a bin or something that could easily hold the tools without taking up precious storage space. Eventually I came across what I needed and it is just the sort of thing for a gardener. I've re-purposed a grass collecting back from an old lawn mower.

I've straightened the metal frame a bit so it is as low as possible but still high enough to fit the handles past. The bag folds up, so only the wire frame, at one end, is raised at all when not in use.

A bungee, at the handle end, holds them up against the bulkhead.

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