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Saturday 24 December 2016

Galvanised chassis

It took 4 months to get the galvanised chassis and a further three and a bit weeks for it to be fitted. So many people are having chassis fitted to Defenders at the moment that production has reached a limit and I was in a queue waiting for my D2 chassis to be made. Unfortunately I then missed my allocated slot at Stock 4x4 and that added a few days extra delay.

The end result is worth the wait. A car that will last many more years.

I added to the delay because part way through I decided I would like it painted. Galvanising is a sacrificial coating. Over time the zinc gets eroded instead of the steel. An additional coating makes it last longer.

Having spoken to Craig at Buzzweld I decided to use their coating. Buzzweld chassis black satin chassis in one 2500ML. Being galvanised it needed a coating of T-Wash first to get anything to stick.

Brendan at Stock 4x4 fitted the chassis and painted it for me. He said the Buzzweld took longer to dry than he expected but it covered much better than other stuff he had tried. He said he'd use it again.

It was a rush to get it back before Christmas and needed a few bits done after it returned. The power steering fluid drained out, just as I arrived home and Brendan came out to fix that. A pipe needed nipping up.

I had to adjust the suspension height with my Nanocom and I took it to get the tracking done which also stopped a tyre rubbing on full left lock.

I also fitted a top hose because the bleed screw came loose on the original as it was being refitted.

Build photos courtesy of Brendan from Stock 4x4

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