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Sunday 18 September 2016

Repair a split belt

I had worn one belt so much that it split along the inner and outer layers of leather in two places. I hadn't worn it for ages because of that.

I had a few minutes yesterday and decided to try to repair it.

It has a cardboard inner layer, so I re-attached that first to one side and added a patch where some of it was missing. I then glued the other side to that.

I used Evostick contact adhesive as that seamed the most obvious glue to use.
Applied to each side then left for a couple of minutes until touch dry.

I used a roller to get it as flat as possible before clamping. It's instant adhesive but I left it for nearly a day before wearing the belt.

I needed to clean a little of the adhesive off the outer surfaces and from inside the holes. I just used a spike for the holes and rubbed the glue off with my fingers.

So far so good.

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