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Friday 13 May 2016

Farm jack

It's taken a few attempts to get the model right but finally I have finished a tiny 1:32nd scale farm jack for the back of Andy's landy.

I was surprised that I could get as much detail as I have especially as the whole thing is only 60mm tall and 6mm at its widest. Only one side is any good but the other will be up against the back of the Defender 90 so it can hardly be seen.

I've had to use a trick I've worked out to stop the fine detail becoming a gooey mess.  I've included a superfluous support that is a fraction higher than the tallest part of the model.

Without it the final details are all printed in one go and the plastic never has time to set. The support forces the hot print head to move away long enough for the detail to cool down.

It's hard to see in the photo (click on it to get a larger picture) but the white one on the left is a mess while the silver one on the right has finished correctly just because of that extra rectangle.

I've used this trick on several model now.

I don't have a trick for getting all the tiny holes up the pole to print. I kept having to enlarge them and the pole until they formed at all! About 0.8mm diameter is the smallest hole that did not close up during printing.

The reverse side was a bit fiddly to clean up. I used a Dremel rotary tool with a grind stone bit and needle files. There is no detail on the reverse but it won't be seen.

The handle of the jack is made from 1mm diameter brass rod.


Unknown said...

Hi, Loverly design. I was thinking of printing this off for the Grand Kids and was wondering which other parts I would need. From the photo's I have worked out the Motor, a NINCO 80612, but do not seem to be able to work out the other parts from the NINCO web site. Would you be able to let me have the NINCO part number. Many Thanks. Roger

John C Brown said...

Sorry, I don't know the individual part numbers. I used a Ninco Bowler Nemesis as the donor vehicle. At the time that was one of the lowest priced Ninco RAID cars so was a good choice for the parts. I hope that helps.
Regards John

Unknown said...

Thanks for the information. It would appear that NINCO no longer manufacture that series of cars. Well if there webb site is correct. I guess i will have to investigate further. Many thanks. Roger

John C Brown said...

That's a bit disappointing. I just had a look on one of the sites I bought mine from and they don't appear to have any left.

Unknown said...

Thanks for trying John. I will need to investigate much further. I also looked on that web site the other day and like you could not find ant trace of the model. I will let you know if I solve the problem. Many Thanks. Roger