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Saturday 30 January 2016

Engine Water Ingress

Well, our poor car is off to get a reconditioned engine.

At least we know the cause, this time. It is the air filter housing.
The raised air intake (snorkel) was pointless because, unknown to us, the air filter did not fit the housing properly and water was sucked in from under the bonnet.

It is evident, if you open up the air filter.

The mud from the last outing is obvious.

The previous owner had fitted a high performance lifetime air filter, so it was rarely looked at. It also never occurred to me that it might be less suitable for off-roading.
We will be going back to a standard Land Rover filter.

This got me thinking.
Why don't engines designed for off-road use have a pressure release valve to avoid Hydrostatic Lock (Hydrolock) caused because water does not compress but air does!

To my mind it would be a fairly easy design.
Just an idea.

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