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Saturday 24 January 2015

Scalextric Barrier Packs

To avoid the cars catapulting off the track and ending up anywhere I like to have barriers round all the corners.

I like the look of the Scalextric barriers with their red and white curb section.  They come in two types.  One type with a border coloured to look like a sand trap are excellent.  Easy to fit and solid.

However I was disappointed with the other type that is just the red and white curb with separate clips.

I found the individual clips very time consuming to fit.  They are fiddly and then after all that the curb section just rests on top of them.  Many popped out as a car passed over it or did not stay flat!

I employed the simplest of solutions.  I super glued the clips to the curb section.

That not only made the curbs stay put but fitting to the track was so much quicker and they appear to hold in place better.

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