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Monday 29 December 2014

Scalextric Surprise

This Christmas had a surprise present.  I had no idea and had not mentioned anything.

Shelley decided to get me something completely out of the ordinary.  Under the tree were three very large boxes. You already know what was in them by the title but I had no idea.

Up until that point I didn't know there was even a new Scalextric type.  Digital control of the cars with multiple cars in the same lane and lane changing.

Christmas day was too busy but I got a bit of time Boxing Day morning to set it up on the floor of our little attic room.

Great fun changing lane but I'm getting too old to crawl around the floor for very long so I hatched a plan.

The day after, just after having returned home from off-roading, I bought some MDF sheets and timber from our local DIY store.

The size of the sheets determined the size of the tray I made to fit over the attic room bed. 2.4m x 1.2m.

Much more comfortable and much easier to place the cars back on the track.

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