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Sunday 19 August 2012

Archery At Last

After a couple of windy weekends and other things getting in the way I have at last got out and done some archery.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have not done this for about 6 years so I was unsure if I could even remember how to assemble my bow let alone hit the target with an arrow!

Luckily I had kept some notes to remind myself and I followed those .

On Saturday I shot 36 arrows at 30m with an 80cm target.  I hit every time.  A low score but I was never very good.  254 using 10 zone scoring.

I thought the bow was making a funny noise.  When I had finished I noticed that one of the limbs was split.  A sliver of the resin coating along one side had come off.  I decided I needed new limbs so off to the shops I went leaving Shelley waiting for Steve the farrier.

One of the Perris Archery shops is not far from me and they were very helpful sorting out what I needed.

It was too hot Saturday afternoon for Steve to come and shoe the horses or for me to try out the new bow setup.  I had at least tried them out in the shop.  Putting them in my case at home was entertaining...

The equipment at the left hand end of the case is a cat.

I got up early on Sunday morning so I could take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures.  Well that was the idea.

I did shoot 18 arrows before the balloon went over very close to our house and landed in the fields over the road!

Watching the two balloons land wasn't the end of the interruptions though.  I did 6 more arrows before needing to go and help pull their vehicle and trailer out of a field. 

That job done.  3 more arrows and the farrier turned up.  Can't distract the horses while they are being shod and I always like a good gossip with Steve while he's making the shoes.

The horses happy and back in the field I get to shoot the last 9 arrows.  By now the temperature is way too hot and uncomfortable for me so I am happy to use that as an excuse for my poor 219 score at the slightly longer 40m on the same 80cm target.

Busy Sunday and it still wasn't even mid-day!

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