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Wednesday 2 June 2010


The swallows are just sitting on the nest. We are awaiting some more activity from them. Other birds have been active. We have had some pigeons trying to build a nest in the stables. They kept starting to build a nest in the hay put out for the horses. This kept getting disturbed so I put up a shelf for them.

Within a day of the shelf going up the pigeons had not only found it but had built the nest.

I had put a few sticks up there as a helping hand and they just piled more on top.
As you can see this position appears to suit everyone.

This is the other one of the pair of pigeons. Sitting just a few yards away.

While I had the camera out I tried to get some pictures of the swallows in flight. A little tricky and this is the sort of thing I've ended up with today.

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