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Sunday 28 June 2009

Rear Storage Bin

I have no need for the 7 seats in the Discovery 2 but I would like to carry a few bits and pieces and spares neatly in the back.  I have therefore replaced one of the rear seats with a storage pocket.

The picture is of the left hand pocket but I installed the right hand (UK driver side) bin.

The above shows the list of spare parts required for the right hand pocket.

When it came to fitting I changed some of the bits to make it easier and also stronger.  Rather than take all the plastic panels out and fit everything with hidden screws and spring clips from behind, I positioned bits of timber inside and screwed in to those.  From the outside the fitting looks similar but it was easier to do and the end result has a stronger panel behind giving the hinges a stronger backing.

I have deliberately left the seat belt hidden behind the plastic quarter panels, just in case I need to re-instate it.  It was a fairly easy job to unbolt the end near the rear door and push it through the panel at the top.  I've tied it all back inside to stop it knocking on anything.  I've also put a black plastic cover loosely held inside by cable ties so you cannot see the belt.

Update: March 2017
I have removed the other seat.

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