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Sunday 21 September 2008

Portable Hay Bar

This is another design put together in my shed.

What is this for?
Hay Bar® is a manger for feeding horses hay made from strong plastic. Designed to mount in the corner of a stable. Details of the original product can be found on the manufacturers web site
It is such an excellent product that we wanted one to put in the field or yard.

The Design
By experimentation I found I could bend it to mount it on a flat surface instead of a corner. This results in the front being slightly higher so it was necessary to fix it as close to the ground as possible and angled forwards slightly. I cut the outer rim to help it bend and held it back on to the strengthening tube with cable ties.


  • Width= 900mm
  • Height= 1200mm

Materials (all sizes approximate):

  • Hay Bar®
  • 12mm WBP Ply
  • 38x88mm fence rails
  • Galvanised steel flat bar
  • Plastic cable ties
  • 20mm plastic conduit inside the rim tube for added resistance to kinking

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