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Sunday 20 July 2003

How do I create my own Co-Op mods for MoH:AA

If you have read my earlier post you may be interesting in creating levels for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, that can be played cooperatively with others.

To do this you will need to find out as much as you can about scripting. I have listed a few notes to help, but, unfortunately, I don't have the time to make these pages complete. There are much better web sites for that. See the list at the end of this page. I have just tried to add a few notes, that are missing or incomplete on other sites.

What do I need installed?

Download any of my coop maps.  Here is a good one to try: (3.1MB)

Within all of the coop level downloads you will find the following files which you will need for your own levels: - Required files to be able to play a Co-Op level Including
x_jcbmain200.pk3 - installed in the main folder
x_jcbmainta200.pk3 - installed in the mainta folder

These include changes to the sound file and the generic human to work with Co-op and other modded levels. Also included is the Select Mission option in the briefing room.

x_jcbextras508.pk3 - Some additional scripts I have used in this modification
x_jcbchanges100.pk3 - reduction of the melee damage, this affects all games not just coop!

Except where stated, the files MUST be in the ...\MOHAA\main folder.

Extract the contents of the PK3 files, using Pakscape, and read the comments in the script files.

What do I need to know to start Modding MOH:AA

See any one of the other Mod sites listed at the end, plus read a few of my notes:
How to get MOH:AA Co-Op to work - Set of notes to help create Co-op games from Single Player maps
MOH:AA Scripting - Notes I made for myself to help me create the scripts
MOH:AA Commands and Variables (150Kb) - Word document which I've compiled for my own reference while working on the above mods

Where else can I find out about Co-Op modding

Co-Op Big 5 Map Pack 1 home page - Collection of Co-Op missions including generic fix for co-op sound
Omaha Co-Op map - Useful example of Co-Op mods
Pakscape - Good tools for extracting files from .pk3 archives.
Extract the zip file and make sure any .pk3 files are in the '.../MOHAA/main/' folder. MOHAA will then automatically register the maps or other mods.

Forums and Information

Official MOH:AA site - links to more links
The Modding Theatre - helpful forums and links to more MOH sites
MOH Match - Good for a few downloads
LOKI's Modding Theatre - Some tutorial for Modding MOH
Nemesis's Tutorial Page - Very clear MOHRadiant mapping tutorials and some scripting
The Rjukan project - Very professional modding project
.map MOH:AA mapping project - Another usefull modding site

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